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Renaming groups of files

It's a list of pictures - but of what?

It's especially true of photographs but the need to rename groups of files to a more consistent or informative pattern exists for other documents and presentations too.

Mac OS

In Mac OS it's possible to do a simple find replace - select the files and then right-click if you have a proper mouse or control-click otherwise and choose "Rename" you can simple text replacement e.g. you might replace IMG with Avignon and keep the sequence numbers. You can do more complicated formatting and naming too.

The best way to experiment is to create a folder of files and have a play with the surprisingly powerful options.


There is a basic but useful renamer built into FastStone Image Viewer - a tool I have the best picture browser I have foudn since the demise of Photo Gallery. FastStone Image Viewer - Powerful and Intuitive Photo Viewer, Editor and Batch Converter

Alternatively there is a collection of tweaking tools in PowerToys: Install PowerToys | Microsoft Docs

You can then find "PowerRename" on the right-click menu it even includes Regular Expression handling.

And when you've finished they're easy to find and classify


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