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Business Solutions

As a Business IT Support consultancy, I provide IT support for a variety of SME clients from accountants and translation agencies to hotels, B&Bs and life coaches all over the UK and most particularly in the South West. My dedicated Business IT support services cover all the essential areas of interest for today’s fast-moving business environment and more including:
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virus Protection and Security
  • Server set up and maintenance
  • Social Media Marketing – Policy and Protection
  • Disaster Recovery – Data back up and Security
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Office phone systems
  • Smart phone/PC/laptop integration

Efficient, helpful, prompt, affordable. Would highly recommend.

Victoria H.


Data on monitor

A business's lifeblood is its data: customer records, on-going contracts, accounting records for sales and expenses. Companies that lose the9ir data usually go out of business shortly afterwards.

Not only do you have to keep your data, you have to be able to get at it. Cloud computing has made this much more straightforward in recent years and company information should be available, securely, anywhere there is an internet connection.

Even tiny devices such as phones or tablets can gain access to the company’s accounts, documents and other records


Not only must you be able to get at your data wherever you are, you need to prevent unauthorised access or wilful destruction of your data.

Threats still appear as phishing or scam emails; dodgy but convincing phone calls manipulating you or your staff into giving up passwords mean that you must be constantly aware of possible attacks. Good firewalls, strong security software and alert staff all help to prevent the loss of your information.

Cyber security

IT Infrastructure

Servers and IT infrastructure

Not many small firms continue to use a server on a local area network – it still has its place but more and more we rely on the internet to deliver our data on demand. This requires a fast and reliable internet connection and excellent access in the company.

How you connect to the internet what sort of backup you need (maybe 5G, for example), depend on where you are and what sorts of connection are available. This is an area where one size does not fit all and a careful assessment of the situation is required before making recommendations.


Cloud storage has become a key change over the past few years with many firms, once suspicious of the technology, now embracing it was secure, cost-effective and accessible.

If you have people working from home or agents scattered about the world the internet has transformed the way we work. It makes it possible to be on holiday but still, partly at least, able to answer queries and keep things moving.

International business is easier when your international colleagues can respond when they are at work and you can all keep things moving.  Zoom, Teams and other virtual meetings reduce travel and its costs.

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