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Home Computing

The key to successful homeworking is reliable communications with colleagues, systems and the outside world in general. I can offer individuals and their employers a complete service to ensure that they remain fully functional and connected when working remotely. I will assess all local communications needs and ensure that the setup is carried out correctly. My home computing services include:

  • Setup, Upgrades and Optimisation

  • Internet, WiFi and Home Networks

  • PC and Mac Support

  • Communications and Video

  • Data Recovery and Backups

  • Smartphone Support and Management

Always prompt, efficient, courteous and reliable.

Beryl D.

Home Office

I maintain a very straightforward approach to IT problem solving. Rather than blind you with techno-babble, I’ll just tell you in plain English whether it can be repaired, or whether it needs dumping and needs a replacing. I will also provide ad hoc support for out based staff should subsequent problems arise (either via remote intervention or by visit).

Home office set up PC
Image by XPS

Personal Computing

From purchasing suggestions to set up, all the way through installation, maintenance and support, I can assist you with all your computing needs. I can also help you get the most out of your current PC/Mac so you can make more calls, watch more content, game faster and connect with friends and family.

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