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Deep Fake photos - resistance is useful

How to spot AI-generated images

With a little help from Open AI and Full Fact

Many fingers make AI fake
A small boy looking alarmingly like a crab

Well, of course I asked OpenAI , "How can I spot AI-generated images?". It answered:

As AI-generated images become more advanced, it can be challenging to spot them. However, here are a few tips that might help you identify whether an image is AI-generated or not:

  1. Look for patterns: AI-generated images might have repeating patterns, such as the same object or shape appearing multiple times within the image.

  2. Check for unrealistic elements: AI-generated images might contain unrealistic or improbable elements, such as objects that appear to be floating or out of place.

  3. Inspect the edges: AI-generated images may have less defined edges or appear to have been "smudged" compared to real-world photos.

  4. Consider the context: If an image is presented as part of a series of AI-generated images or in a context where AI-generated images are likely to be used, it might be more likely to be AI-generated.

  5. Use specialized tools: There are some specialized tools available that can help detect AI-generated images. For example, the website "This Person Does Not Exist" generates AI-generated faces, and you can use it to compare the images you suspect might be generated.

Overall, it can be challenging to identify AI-generated images, especially as the technology improves. However, by paying close attention to details and considering the context, you can increase your chances of spotting them.


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