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Phishing - we're all vulnerable

From Microsoft's video about Phishing

Phishing is the process whereby a scammer tricks a victim into revealing confidential information with a view to stealing from them.

Of course, it doesn't matter what browser or which operating system you're using if you've been tricked.

There are a number of approaches used to make you think the email is legitimate (from a bank, credit card company or a friend). Usually the key thing is to click on a link and a simple way to check that the link is being truthful is to hover your mouse over it to see where the link actually goes and not where it says. Try this one: BBC News - as you hover pop-up text will show it goes somewhere else. Note the pop-up can be at the bottom of a browser page - so be ready to look around as you hover.

Microsoft offer some good advice here so please take a look here: Protect yourself from phishing (

Ian Butterworth



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